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Michigan Website Designs a Division of SEO Consulting Pros is a authorized Google Reseller in Michigan and also a Web.Com partner company. We have spent the last 17 years perfecting our SEO from companies of all types and sizes in Michigan. We have worked with companies in the Automotive Industry, Diesel Engine Remanufacturing Industry, Lawyers, Doctors and small businesses of every type. Many of these businesses are unaware that Google Marketing is 100% tax decuctible! Likewise, These customers come to us with big problems with their websites and general exposure across the web. The first step at gaining exposure and market share is to optimize your website for maximum exposure on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other top search engines! SEO Consulting Pros has been delivering our top SEO Analysis to companies for years with specific instruction on how to fix a broken website. We analyze your website according to the Google Algorithm, give your website a grade 1-100 on all the important areas of SEO create a detailed report providing exact instructions to fix the problems with your site. These detailed reports we provide check all the SEO parameters according to Google directives. The report will provide you with detailed instructions on how to fix the problems with your website so you can fix them and get your site developing the results and rankings giving it best chances to go to the top and remain at the top of the search engines. We work in SEO and see the claims every day that backlinking programs, blogging posts, social media backlinks are guaranteed to bring your site to the top and they suggest using it every month. The thing these companies don't provide is a complete analysis from a Authroized Google Marketing Company on how to fix the problems with the website that are preventing the results the company needs. Backlinking can only be as successful as the qulity of the website allows. The first step at the top is to fix broken SEO components on your website according to the Google Algorithm. This is what SEO Consulting Pros does everyday for our clients in Michigan. Now we bring this service to customers across the world. This simply will be the best $499 you have ever spent on your business marketing. Once complete, you have the ability to re-run the SEO test and see how the changes we suggested have improved your website and SEO Google Quality Score! SEO Consulting Pros a Authroized Google Reseller. Go to the source with confidence! If you would like help getting your internet marketing thriving instead of just surviving. Give us a call today at (248) 210-9155 to schedule a in person consultation. If you would just like to receive the report now click the link below and get on the fast track to success from a Authorized Google Marketing Company! 

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