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You've spent all that money on your website and now your thinking of putting some money into a backlinking or blogging service here on SEOClerks or another service because it is not performing in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing like you thought it would? Before you go and spend more money on all those services perhaps you should do a Complete Website Analysis Score from a Authorized Google Reseller. SEO Consulting Pros has made a career out of helping customers in Michigan fix broken websites! We will do a complete Google Quality Score on your website, generate a score on each area of the site and give a overall grade for each area.

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We will provide this score to you upon completion and submit your site to 40+ Search Engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing. If your website is lacking the criteria to be found on Google and the other search engines you will find out in our detailed Google Quality Score. If it needs repairing, we offer a Complete Website Analysis report here on SEOClerks which is a detailed report on how to fix each and every area that is incorrect. Don't waste time spending money on SEO if you haven't had your site checked by a Authorized Google Reseller. Do this first to ensure your Marketing Dollars are Optimized now and in the future. Any portion of your website that is out of sync with the Algorithm will cost you Rankings, Hits and Visitors! Make the right choice first! We are here to assist you to a top ranking based on solid science which starts with a Google Quality Score! Order Now! $29 to find out exactly how your business website stacks up according to Google Algorhithm. Once you have these details you will know if your website needs fixing and also what areas are weak. All Internet Marketing is 100% Tax Decuctible!

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